Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Capacity: 120 & 160 Ton Per Hour


  • Endless belt feeder.
  • Shaft-mounted gear motor for minimum maintenance.
  • Individual-frequency control with variable feeding of material monitored and controlled remotely from control cabin.
  • Speed vibrator motor is operated by no-flow switch to ensure continuous material flow for the sand bin.
  • Working platform along hoppers.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Drum is fitted with single piece, hot-formed ring without welded joint (drum tyre) on each end, mounted to the drum shell with spring plates.
  • Each drum tyre is seated and rolled on two Trunnion rollers.
  • Feeding end of the inclined drum is further guided by 2 guide rollers to limit the axial movement.
  • Special shovel flights are installed to the internal surface along the drum length to transport and form efficient drying curtain to minimize fuel consumption.
  • Special vacuum drum pressure device is fitted to control rotary actuator at the exhaust fan to regulate the air flow.
  • Hot mineral bins and screens are dust-tight enclosed.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Fuel piping system, transfer pump and high pressure pump are included.
  • Automatic controls for the burner are included to regulate the capacity based on the temperature monitor by a sensor at the drum exhaust gas outlet.
  • Fully automatic, electrical ignition by propane gas.
  • Flame-failure indication that is detected by photo-cell.
  • Auto start-up of burner system for maximum safety.
  • Fuel Pump and Accessories include :-
    • Fuel pump (placed next to the Fuel tank and at ground level)
    • Piping to main burner is inclusive of valve and strainer. Pressure-holding valve ensures the line pressure of fuel reach the high pressure pump of burner.
    • From outlet of pressure holding valve, a long flexible hose is connected to the inlet filter of main burner. Flexible hose ensures fast attachment. Inlet filter is mounted
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Each compartment is equipped with mechanical overflow chute and sampling pods.
  • Mineral temperature sensors are located inside the sand compartment.
  • Oversize material will flow out via overflow chute to a collection point.
  • Each compartment is equipped with a pneumatically actuated two-stage discharge gates controlled by the computer system.
  • Each compartment has a maximum level indicator that is wired remotely to the control room to warn operator when bins are full.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Designed to weigh up to 4 different aggregates.
  • Weigher is fitted with proper shock proof device to prevent the transmission of vibrations to the load cells.
  • Discharge of the weigher is through two discharge gates that operated pneumatically.


  • Designed to weigh up to 3 different sources.
  • Sealed with neoprene, which is heat resistant in the temperature range of -40 to 150 C.
  • Butterfly valves c/w high torque pneumatic actuator, solenoid valves & micro switches
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Designed to weigh up to 3 different sources.
  • Bitumen is circulated from storage tank through 2-way valve, actuated by compressed air.
  • Weigher tank is insulated with Rockwool slabs and heated at the base by thermal oil.
  • Weigher is provided with overfilling protection.
  • Mechanical dial thermometer indicates the bitumen temperature in the tank.
  • Gravity discharge to bitumen spray pipe.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Direct gear-motor drive with transmission through synchronous, helical spur gear.
  • Robust and rugged design to suit hardest site condition.
  • Inner mixer wall is bolted with extremely high wear resistance austenitic Ni-Hard liners.
  • Mixer arms and paddles, which are made from high-chrome alloy-steel and special caststeel ,are bolted to allow for easy replacement of these wear parts.
  • Mixer discharge gate with wear resistance liners is a rotary type and pneumaticallyoperated by two cylinders.
  • Capable to produce homogenous mix within a short mixing time, minimizing oxidation of bitumen.
  • Non-contact infrared temperature measurement at mixer outlet.
  • Direct discharge of asphalt hotmix to truck below.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Single stage, air cooled, heavy duty with air receiver.
  • Pneumatic pipeline with pressure regulator, strainers, shut-off valves.
  • Pipes are pre-installed in the module.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Jacketed type, heated with electrical heating tape, over-pressure relief valve.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • No compressed air is required.
  • Low-reverse air cleaning principle using pressure difference between the vacuum pressure of the exhaust gases and the reverse-air pressure.
  • High corrosion resistant steel is insulated at the top with 50mm Rockwool slab and cladding.
  • Filter bag cages in corrosion-resistant aluminum.
  • Radial vane damper with electrical servo-motor actuated c/w remote operation and automatic drum suction regulator.
  • Exhaust fan is mounted on filter outlet.
  • Sand separator unit at the inlet to screen off the coarse filler to protect the filter bags.
  • Damper is servo-motor actuated.
  • Filter bags out of NOMEX or similar.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Directly below the filter unit c/w dosing screw conveyor to the filler weigher.
  • Caged ladder access and flat form for level indicator and screw conveyor.
  • Level indicator to monitor the filler content.
  • Excess filler discharge flap and piping.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


  • Size of container: 2.6 x 2.2 x 2.5 m
  • Container with tinted glass windows at all sides.
  • Insulated, dust proof and air-conditioned.
  • Pre-wire electrical power and control panels along with console.
  • Depending on plant configuration, the power requirement may change.
  • All plant controls, PLC, switch gear and control gear are housed within the power and control panels.
  • All motors are rated IP55, class F insulation.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Plant Control and Monitoring System

  • Manual- or automatic-controlled monitoring system for every batch.
  • SCADA controls are provided for a fully automatic operation
  • Auto adjustment control of Cold Feeders based on calibrated ton-per-hour.
  • Full graphical user friendly operator interface display using 19 LCD monitor.
  • Windows-based operating environment allows users to use other application or shut down the PC during plants auto operation.
  • Auto control system using independent PLC system to ensure reliable real time control.
  • Complete manual system backup and override over the auto control using push buttons.
  • Up to 200 Recipe & Customer input memory.
  • Batching system comprises of 3 independent weighing scales.
  • 2 stages weighing control for Aggregates with advance stop control based on material flow rate to ensure quicker weighing and accuracy.
  • Customized display upon request.
  • Plant data, function limits can be checked or changed during operation.
  • Daily-, Monthly-, Yearly-selectable Production Database.
  • Complete Plant System Backup on CD which includes recovery software.
  • Report:
    • Display, printing and print preview
    • On-line batch printing, either to database or to printer.
    • Production summary by Material (Graphical bar and pie chart for presentation)
    • Production Summary By Recipe
    • Production Summary By Customer
    • Large database storage space
    • User-friendly data retrieval through Search button.